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Who is Leon Rose

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Who is Leon?

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Leon has twenty years experience in commercial photography. Advertising agencies, design houses, magazines, music companies, model agencies and corporate customers have all trusted Leon to provide and fulfil their visions. An early adopter of digital, for the past ten years Leon has been involved in digital capture and systems for large retail chains and advertising agencies.

Coming to photography as a career a little later than many of his contemporaries, Leon Rose has had to work hard to achieve his place in the ranks of New Zealand's top commercial photographers. After extensive travel across 4 continents from the age of 18 -27 years, Leon found himself in Australia trying to fulfill a life long ambition to be a Photographer. Leon was working as a courier in the busy streets of Sydney, when the opportunity arose back in his hometown of Auckland, to fulfill his dream and through passion, and a dedication (his wife might say bordering on obsession), he eventually found himself at the pinnacle of commercial photography in New Zealand as the president of the AIPA (advertising and illustrative photographers association), a role he held for 2 years. Leon also spent a year in 2013 as a Tutor, passing his knowledge forward at South Seas Film & Television School, tutoring the Commercial Digital Photography Course.

In order to indulge his passion for landscapes Leon regularly chooses to drive to locations for clients' shoots rather than fly, allowing him to indulge in the languid observation of New Zealand's manifold beauty.

Being married to a French woman gives the regular opportunity to travel to Europe where the soft hazy winter light adds a different dimension to his landscape shots.

The latest project has been to complete a monograph on Muay Thai Kickboxing in NZ. This side project has kept him busy for the last 12 years.

Completing & publishing this book with PQ Blackwell,  “Live, Train, Fight like Thai” is Leon’s first published book. This photo documentary following the Muay Thai scene through his contacts at City Lee Gar gym has given Leon the chance to shoot a subject that is in complete contrast to his commercial work and more well known Landcape images.

Leon now balances life as a dad to his 2 young children (Yann 5 and Alizee 3) with his career as a commercial photographer.