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Umoja Journey's


Reducing Poverty Through Social Enterprise

A fresh approach to global development

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Umoja VM 01 [v1] (1)

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In 2019 I have partnered with Umoja Journey's as my chosen charity.


You may not be aware that I spent 18 months living and travelling through Southern and Central Africa in my early years and it was my photographic training ground prior to starting to train with commercial photographers back in NZ.

Ever since then, that period of my life & those experiences have remained with me, so when I met David Marshall of Umoja Journey's we hit it off immediately.

David offered me the opportunity to give back to Africa using the one thing I can afford ... my skill and my eye.


Umoja Journey's is the brain child of David Marshall. It is a way of bringing in finance and skills to help build projects such as Hospitals, schools, and income generating solutions such as the Goat Project in Kenya . David markets an adventurous and eye opening opportunity to people looking to give back to the world, by way of an intrepid adventure. The Umoja journey's take these people through their chosen destination directly into the hospitals and schools inside the slums and show them where sponsors money is being used, and then on to the beautiful sights of the destination such as game parks in Kenya. This gives the "Umojees" a unique insight into projects which they "more often than not" continue to support financially and often return to help after their initial trip. It also shows them the beautiful landscapes of the places and combined makes for an unforgettable adventure.

All of the proceeds from Umoja go directly to the projects and so (as with all charitable organisations) There is little money left to promote the journey's and the projects themselves. 

In 2019 I donated my time and skills to Umoja and created a library of images from Uganda Kenya and Bangladesh


In 2020 I plan to return to Central Africa and Bangladesh with Umoja and collect a series of images both of the projects being delivered and of the Umoja journey itself. The success of Umoja is the success of the various projects giving sanitation, education, and food to those in need.

© Leon Rose Photographer 2019

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