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Leon Rose

I'm an observer. I guess I always have been, from my early years when I was a severe epileptic child who wasn't able to participate in a lot of what the other kids did, so I had to sit back with my parents and watch, to my early adulthood, where I was cleared of my epilepsy and broke free spending 9 years away from home and traveling as far and wide as life would take me.

I never went far without a camera, my first was given to me by my father at the age of 13. When I was 18 I decided to fly to Israel to start my O.E. Nine years passed and my camera and I traveled extensively through The Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa before making our way back down to NZ to train as a photographer under the tutelage of two very talented image makers.

22 years later, I find myself still as passionate about observation as ever. Having the opportunity to Photograph people and places every day and in any given environment is where I find my inner peace.

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