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Live, Train, Fight like Thai

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My first fully published personal project


Live, Train, Fight like Thai documents the sport of Muay Thai. Fighters of all disciplines will enjoy this book. "Leon has captured the preparation, training, & experience of the fight game."

Muay Thai is a most skilful art and is as beautiful as it is brutal. I learnt that to practice this sport involves the most incredible amount of dedication and training. The dedication of these fighters who start their fight careers at very early ages, some as early as eight years old, is truly astonishing and is something I have a huge amount of respect for.

I have photographed men women and children all practising this disapline. The skills that they aquire are amazing to watch.

The mixture of all races and religions all focusing on a sport that comes from the land of Buddism, mixing their beliefs with the respectful traditions of the Muay Thai warriors has been a joy to capture through my lens.

Whether you are interested, or training in Boxing, kickboxing, MMA, grapling, or indeed any martial art, you will enjoy these images.

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